Larry Mantle |

Goodbye to a landmark, hello to a familiar voice

I have to admit that I hadn’t been following the story of Hollywood Park’s future closing all that closely. I knew that it had been purchased by a development company, but didn’t realize how far along the proposed $2-billion dollar project is to city approval. Regardless of what replaces the track, its closing will be sad. The era of horseracing isn’t over, but the sport’s downsizing is well underway. Though Santa Anita is for sale, Arcadia officials assure that new ownership will have to operate the site as a racetrack. At least we’ll still have Santa Anita, Del Mar, and Pomona for a while longer.

This morning, Madeleine Brand, co-host of the former NPR program Day to Day, sat next to me in the studio, observing how we do AirTalk. I’m not sure I could’ve stayed perfectly quiet for two hours, as she did! Madeleine will guest host for me next Tuesday, as I’ll be attending a performance at my son’s school. For the large numbers of us who miss her daily voice, it’ll be a treat to hear her on our air again.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk with Pete Doctor, the writer/director of Pixar’s wonderful new animated feature, Up. I don’t know how Pixar can have such an unbroken string of creative, and audience, successes. They’re the gold standard in consistent filmmaking. I’ll talk with you then.