Larry Mantle |

Are lower thresholds the answer?

What do you think of California Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Connell’s proposal to lower the threshold for parcel taxes for public schools? I recall widespread opinion that voters wouldn’t approve large capital bond measures for schools, even with a lower 55% vote requirement. In fact, as the Superintendent mentioned, the vast majority of the bonds did pass, after the rules were changed. Is making it easier to pass local taxes the right approach to take to schools’ operating budgets?

Lisa See’s new novel, Shanghai Girls, takes us back to Los Angeles’ tourist attraction, China City. I’ve seen some great photos of what it looked like during its relatively short lifespan. The late Ralph Story also included a segment on China City in one of his Things That Aren’t Here Anymore specials for KCET. I see that they’re available on DVD. If you’re an L. A. history buff, the shows are a real treat.

Tomorrow, KPCC will air the President Obama’s address from Cairo, Egypt. We’ll offer the speech in its entirety at 9:00 a.m. At 10:00 a.m., we’ll talk about what the President has said and what the response has been. I’ll talk with you then.