Larry Mantle |

Are Member Drive Challenges for Real?

I headed back to the "AirTalk" production office shortly after noon today, digesting the word that we hadn't reached our 50 listener threshold to fulfill our hour's $5,000 challenge. We hadn't missed an "AirTalk" challenge in so long that I couldn't remember the last time it happened. I was trying to focus on our successful streak and not on this morning's miss. However, about ten minutes later, our on-air fundraising director, Stephanie Patterson, appeared at the door with some good news. More than 20 contributors were in the process of giving at when "AirTalk" ended. We were able to count those members and make the challenge! Needless to say, that's the closest we've cut it in a long time. Yes, the challenges are real and can't be claimed from donors unless we fulfill the terms.

Tomorrow, we'll continue looking at health care reform with two local members of Congress. We'll hear how the parties are lining up on this and whether bi-partisan agreement is possible. It will be our morning Power Block of fundraising with, hopefully, an afternoon free of on air pitches. Let's hit the goal a little earlier than today! Thank you very much for your support.