Larry Mantle |

The Thrill Of Fast-Breaking News

As a follower of important breaking news, there are few things more exciting to me than having stories unfold as we're on the air and being able to provide details on them immediately. This morning was a prime example, as we had the U.N. Security Council sanctions against North Korea, Congress' final passage of FDA regulation of tobacco, and the Iranian Presidential elections happening within the same hour. Our "AirTalk" producers did an amazing job of lining up first-rate guests just as the events were unfolding. Though you can't see what happens behind the scenes of our program, I know you would be very impressed by our producers' ability to put segments together so promptly. They are extraordinarily dedicated to our listeners and able to work under tremendous deadline pressure.

This is the final day of our fiscal year-end member drive. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to reach every challenge and goal for "AirTalk" this week. You have my deepest thanks and appreciation. You are part of the finest and most dedicated audience in radio. Though I'm biased, I can cite example after example of that devotion and care. I appreciate you more than I can fully express in words. Have a wonderful weekend.