Larry Mantle |

Listeners Critique President Obama

This morning's topics provided great opportunities for listeners to weigh in on the President's response to Iran's public protests, and additional legal rights for Gays and Lesbians.

In our opening segment, I asked listeners to talk about whether they're happy with how the President has handled Gay rights. For the most part, callers were critical of Mr. Obama and thought he needed to speak out for overturning "don't ask, don't tell" and the "Defense of Marriage Act." There wasn't much enthusiasm over his expected announcement this evening that the partners of Federal employees would be getting some of the same benefits as heterosexual spouses.

I asked two questions specifically of Iranian-American listeners: whether they were happy with the President's response to the Iranian government, and what their ideal Iranian governmental system would be. Unlike the Gay rights issues, the strong majority of callers supported Mr. Obama's actions. They largely praised his low-key response to the Iranian Presidential election, and every caller supported a secular, democratic, government for Iran.

On both of these topics, plus the contentious nuclear power issues we discussed, I'd appreciate reading your opinions on the "AirTalk" page. I'm really enjoying keeping the debate going long after our program is finished for the day.