Larry Mantle |

Theocracy, God, Politics, and Real Estate

One of the most frequent questions I get from listeners is how I can feel comfortable talking about the range of topics we cover on "AirTalk." My answer is that, unlike most people in their work, I don't have to be an expert at anything. I'm free to talk about all these subjects that I find fascinating. My lack of expertise means I have more questions about these areas than I can possibly ask in the time available. What's also exciting for me is that, given the quality of our audience, there is a huge amount of expertise and experience waiting to be tapped each day through listener calls.

This has been especially true with our tremendous listener input on Iran. We have all been able to connect with this story on a much deeper level, thanks to our Iranian-American listeners, experts like Reza Aslan, and superb reports from the Los Angeles Times' Bourzou Daragahi in Tehran.

Adding in Southland home prices, how Americans identify themselves politically, and NPR religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty, we were able to offer our usual wide-ranging mix. I wouldn't want it any other way, and I hope you agree.