Larry Mantle |

Iran Moving Fast -- Healthcare Reform Slows

Last week, the debate over healthcare reform and whether there would be a competitive public plan was the biggest story. The pace was swift and it looked possible that President Obama's timeline might be met. Though still a big deal with huge consequences, it seems the process is slowing way down. There are apparently no small issues when it comes to health insurance, and no shortage of proposals for reform.

This is in contrast to the pace of developments in Iran, where every day brings new territory. Now the question is how many people will turn out for tomorrow's scheduled protests. Supreme Leader Khamenei's language at the University of Tehran today sets up a possible confrontation on that city's streets tomorrow. Let's all hope that whatever unfolds is peaceful.

I'll be vacationing next week in New Mexico. Los Angeles Times columnist David Lazarus will guest host. I'll look forward to reading your comments here so that I'm up to date when I return. Have a great weekend.