Larry Mantle |

Paying By the Mile

My family and I recently returned from a vacation that included time on the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners are of the Southwest. It's spectacularly beautiful country, juxtaposed with the serious economic challenges that reservation residents face. One major aspect of living in that region is how far a person needs to drive to do basic shopping or to see a doctor.

I was thinking about those distances while talking this morning about the proposal that Americans pay taxes by the mile, instead of per gallon of gasoline pumped. A Congressionally-appointed panel has recommended that the Federal government take the per-mile route over increasing gas taxes. I'm wondering how much that would cost the Navajo nation resident going from Kayenta, Arizona to Flagstaff for groceries. These are things we don't often consider until noticing the tremendous regional differences in our country.

The listener calls on the per-mile proposal were terrific and really brought out the range of important impacts to consider. Please comment on the "AirTalk" page, so that we can keep the conversation going.