Larry Mantle |

Competing Health Overhauls Head for a Showdown

President Obama’s push to get healthcare insurance bills through committees in Congress is getting results in the House, but several Senators are skeptical that their body can pass legislation by August.

The House Ways and Means Committee is expected to pass the Democrats’ plan, which includes higher income taxes, a public health insurance plan, and mandates for individuals and businesses. It’s already being criticized by fiscally conservative Democrats, as well as Republicans. To reach the full House, the plan will also have to be approved by a couple of other committees.

Wednesday on AirTalk, Southland Congressmen Xavier Becerra and John Campbell will debate the Democratic plan. We’ll also compare it to the emerging Baucus/Grassley bill in the Senate. The Senate version is being billed as the bipartisan plan, but it’s unclear how much GOP support it will garner.

One of the tough issues for House Democrats is whether they’ll vote for a tiered income tax increase, without assurance that the Senate will agree to it. That could leave some members of the House hung out to dry come campaign season. We’ll talk about it Wednesday morning, but let me know your preferences by commenting now. I can incorporate your feedback into our on-air conversation.