Larry Mantle |

Let's Expand Expunging

As we discussed this morning on "AirTalk," the California Assembly decided to expunge from its official record how Members voted on the expansion of offshore oil drilling off the Santa Barbara County coast. This would supposedly allow legislators who voted for or abstained from voting on the bill to avoid having to defend the vote in an upcoming election. Criticism of the Assembly's action has been severe, including the lead editorial in today's Los Angeles Times. Of course the deletion of the vote was also futile, as several websites have a Member-by-Member list of how folks voted.

However, let's think this through. Couldn't we all use a cleansing of past decisions? I want the right to expunge from the record, and my memory, every stupid thing I've ever said, along with every error in fact or reasoning. Shouldn't we be able to expunge from our life record every act that still makes us cringe? Can't we all just expunge and get along?

I think the California Assembly is showing us a new way to deal with regrets. Let's expunge our way into a brighter future, undimmed by missteps of the past. On second thought...