Larry Mantle |

Trutanich Takes on Taggers

The Los Angeles City Attorney talked with us this morning about his plan to seek an injunction against tagging crews congregating on the streets. The ACLU questions the constitutionality of the idea and will probably fight any attempt to implement it. Such injunctions have been used against local street gangs, but not taggers.

I have no idea whether Mr. Turtanich will be a good City Attorney, but he's certainly a good interview. Unlike so many politicians, he doesn't seem to have that cautious filter that leads him to soft-pedal what he thinks. I find his bluntness refreshing. As to his whether his ideas make sense for dealing with taggers, billboard proliferation, and lawsuits against the City, that's in the eye of the beholder. I look forward to him joining us again soon so that more listeners can have a chance to talk with him about his plans for the office.

Tomorrow, Washington Post correspondent and NPR commentator T. R. Reid will talk with us about his new book on what the U.S. healthcare system can learn from other countries. I'll talk with you then.