Larry Mantle |

T. R. Reid and Healthcare Abroad

This morning, Washington Post correspondent T. R. Reid argued that the U. S. has a lot to learn from other country's healthcare systems. He claimed that people pay less for care elsewhere, even with their significantly higher taxes, and that costs are increasing more slowly there than here. That certainly struck a chord with many of our callers, who seemed mystified by why such a large percentage of Americans appear highly suspicious of a government insurance option.

However, we also had dissenting callers who thought regulation of insurers was preferrable to a public plan, or that Medicare and Medicaid (MediCal in CA) should be expanded to take in poorer Americans.

Next Wednesday evening, President Obama will again take his case directly to the public and Congress. We'll carry the address live, and talk about it next Thursday morning. In the meantime, I'd like to know what you think the President should say. Please post your comments here.