Larry Mantle |

Obama the Orator

As I've said several times on air, I take particular pleasure in hearing the President deliver prepared speeches. I think he's a superb speaker, but even better writer. I don't mean to trivialize the content of his message or to endorse what he's saying. I'm just observing that oratorical skills also matter to me.

When I've seen televised sessions of Britain's Parliament it hits me how much more verbally skilled the UK's elected representatives seem to be than ours. It makes the specifics of policy debates more interesting and easier to follow in their complexities. The well organized presentation of ideas usually flows from organized thinking. Having a flow and being coherent doesn't necessarily mean the idea being presented is a good one. However, I do think it makes the proposal or critique easier to debate and more fruitful.

Tomorrow on "AirTalk," we'll spend considerable time debating the President's general proposal and hear from members of Congress and listeners. I'll talk with you then.