Larry Mantle |

Can Parental Intuition Be Trusted?

As I was talking with the co-author of "Natureshock: New Thinking About Children," I couldn't help wondering if there was such a thing as "natural" or "intuitive" parenting. For many of us, I suspect we think of child-rearing as having a strong instinctive component. But is that accurate? Are we instead parenting out of an amalgam of what we've heard and read over the years, coupled with the biases we've incorporated from how we were parented?

This book has challenged me to rethink my own biases and assumptions about what's good for our son. One of the biggest areas of reassessment can come from how we talk to our children versus what they're really hearing. The various areas of research on that gap is particularly compelling.

David Lazarus will substitute for me tomorrow. I look forward to talking with you on Monday.