Larry Mantle |

When it Rains...

We've just come through the dog days of summer with some news days slower than molasses. That poses a real challenge for our team to come up with new angles on ongoing stories -- like healthcare reform -- or to find new issues that are worthy of airtime.

However, it seems the dog days are over. Just within the past half-hour, we've been hit with the news that the Senate will soon vote on a healthcare bill, Mayor Villaraigosa is threatening to veto any City Council vote in favor of early retirements for city employees, the L. A. DWP says it may have to further raise rates to pay to replace its aging and bursting pipes, and the House voted to sanction Congressman Joe Wilson over his "you lie" outburst at President Obama's healthcare speech.

Needless to say, our producers have been working on a number of other possible segments for tomorrow, as well. We'll have it sorted out by airtime tomorrow. I look forward to talking with you then.