Larry Mantle |

Would You Trade a DNA Sample for Guaranteed Freedom?

This morning we talked about Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas' new policy that's designed to build up his office's DNA database. For lower level misdemeanor arrests, the DA's office is offering not to prosecute people who agree to provide a DNA sample. The DA claims this would help his office solve future crimes. However, that's not a trade that civil liberties advocates and OC deputies are happy about.

For the deputies, they're concerned that suspected criminals will be release without being charged. Defense attorneys have been quoted as saying that even innocent clients will agree to provide DNA instead of being willing to fight to prove their innocence.

What do you think of the DAs approach? Will it help solve future crimes? Is it a good way to cut justice system costs? Is it fair to those arrested? Are there enough safeguards for how the DAs office will handle the evidence?

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