Larry Mantle |

Controversial Legal Cases Highlight Today's First Hour

Our 10:00 a.m. hour this morning included listeners weighing in on the arrest of Roman Polanski in Switzerland, and an interview with recently released Bruce Lisker.

In the case of Polanski, our callers strongly disagreed on whether the L. A. County DA's officer should've requested that Swiss authorities arrest the director. Some thought it was clear that Polanski should be held accountable for having sex with a 13-year-old, others argued that so much time had passed it was best to leave him alone and save the money of extraditing him.

Lisker's story is fascinating as L. A. Times reporters Scott Glover and Matt Lait spent months looking at evidence from Lisker's trial. The Sherman Oaks man was convicted of murdering his mother and had spent over 26 years in prison. A judge ordered Lisker released about a month ago. Last Monday, the DA's office announced that it no longer had the evidence to prosecute him.

Lisker talked about his efforts to have his conviction overturned, and about how poorly he felt he was treated by the legal system.

Shortly after our program aired, a listener who claimed to have been on the jury that convicted Lisker commented on our "AirTalk" page that rendering a verdict in the trial wasn't easy. There's other insight on the trial included in the comment, which I strongly recommend.