Larry Mantle |

The President's Olympic Bid

President Obama will go to Copenhagen later this week to back Chicago's bid for the 2016 summer Olympic games. I asked listeners this morning whether they supported the President's decision, or thought he should stay in the U. S. to deal with Afghanistan, healthcare reform, and other pressing issues. More callers were supportive than not. Share your opinion on the "AirTalk" page.

L. A. Times Beijing bureau chief Barbara Demick talked with us about her story on children who were forcibly or coercively taken from rural families by Chinese officials. As Demick said, it's hard to say how common the practice was, but the stories are certainly heart wrenching. One of our guests, Susan Robinson, was particularly good at explaining the challenge this presents to adoptive parents.

I'm away tomorrow. David Lazarus will sit in for me. Among the subjects he'll talk about is a new study linking sleep deprivation with the common cold. Also, jazz trumpeter and booster Wynton Marsalis. I'll talk with you Thursday.