Larry Mantle |

What Works in Law Enforcement

This morning we aired our conversation with exiting LAPD Chief Bill Bratton, followed by an interview with UCLA Public Policy Professor Mark Kleiman. In both, we talked about what the best methods are for detering criminals and assuring a higher level of public safety.

For Chief Bratton, it's assigning officers based on statistical analysis of crime "hotspots," while paying attention to less serious quality of life crimes that might set the stage for more serious violations. Professor Kleiman didn't take issues with the Chief's perspective, but argued that it will take more than that to keep crime down and deal with overflowing prisons. His book "When Brute Force Fails" details how the threat of swift arrest and incarceration is ultimately necessary to keep the group of criminals responsible for the majority of crime from repeating their behavior again and again. This would require a significant change in our sentencing, courts, and prison systems. However, it's a very interesting argument, that claims human nature as one of its primary proofs.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about the latest developments in technology and how they're helping older adults, and get an update on the solar industry -- which has been the "next big thing" for the past 40-years.