Larry Mantle |

Do Survey Respondents Lie About Lying?

The Josephson Institute of Ethics in Los Angeles released a survey this morning claiming to show that those who lie as teenagers are far more likely to lie as adults, and that many more teens today think that dishonesty is a requirement for success. The conclusion from the Josephson Institute is that we're headed for a world that's much more dishonest than today. If true, the consequences could be tragic.

However, several of our listeners were skeptical about the survey's results -- including whether older respondents were being honest about their behavior earlier in life. One caller brought up the socio-economic status of those polled, wondering if younger people with fewer opportunities might see deception as necessary to help level the playing field.

Do you think younger Americans are less honest than past generations? Do you think it's difficult to succede without lying, cheating, or stealing?

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