Larry Mantle |

Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe and new LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Plouffe's new campaign memoir, "The Audacity to Win," is a very engrossing look at the challenge Team Obama faced in introducing its candidate to the nation. I'm so focused on what's going on now between Congress and the President that it was fun to take some time to look back on the whirlwind year-and-a-half leading up to the election. I'd forgotten how well Obama's strategists handled the caucuses in Iowa and put the Clinton folks on their heels, despite her still being the front-runner.

Tomorrow, we'll talk with new LAPD Chief-designate, Charlie Beck. He was unanimously endorsed by a City Council committee today, with the full Council vote just a week away. I welcome your questions for the incoming Chief. He's got tough shoes to fill, but what seems like a supportive city behind him. I wonder how much the Council will try to exercise control over Beck. Bratton always made it clear that he considered the Police Commission and the Mayor his bosses, as much as he had any.