Larry Mantle |

Afghanistan's Future and Southland Medical Marijuana

Last night's "AirTalk" On the Road taping at the Autry was an eye-opener, as our outstanding guests looked at the tough prospects for American success in Afghanistan. I was very impressed by the analysis of our panelists, as well our live audience's questions.

Tomorrow, we talk with the point man for the Los Angeles City Council's proposed medical marijuana ordinance, Councilman Ed Reyes. We'll find out what's in the proposal and what it will mean for the dispensaries already opened but threatened with closure. What would you like to see in the Council's ordinance, if anything at all? The L. A. Times recently editorialized that it didn't think an ordinance was necessary. The Times' argument was that the LAPD has all it needs to go after dispensaries that are operating illegally as for-profit businesses. What do you think?