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Sports Day on "AirTalk"

This morning we talked with Andre Agassi about his new autobiography, "Open." He was a big hit with KPCC staff members who came up to welcome him to our studios. I was impressed with his candor, both in writing and in person.

This afternoon, I talked with Laker coach Phil Jackson about the start to this season. We talked about the team's erratic play so far, and what the return of forward Pau Gasol will mean for the quality of Laker play. We'll air that conversation tomorrow at the close of the program.

I was shocked to hear the news that Ruth Seymour is retiring in February as General Manager of KCRW. I so associate her with KCRW that it's hard for me to imagine the station without her. Ruth is an extremely important person in the history of public radio and someone whose personality and programming philosophy has made her a controversial figure in our field. However, there's no denying her accomplishments. In her next few months she'll be solidifying a major legacy in public broadcasting.