Larry Mantle |

Listeners Disagree Over Curfew Sweeps and My Latest Visit to Our New Home

Thursday morning we talked about last week's Orange County curfew sweeps targeting minor teens who were out after 10:00 p.m. Some listeners supported the action, citing crime and public loitering as problems that the sweeps could address. Others took issue with police resources being allocated this way and thought it amounted to harassment. More such sweeps are planned in OC. What do you think?

Thursday afternoon I went over to our soon-to-open new broadcasting center on Raymond Avenue, just south of Old Pasadena. Our Director of Broadcasting, Doug Johnson, asked "AirTalk" Senior Producer Linda Othenin-Girard and me to come over to look at the planned placements of video monitors and microphones for our new studios. I'm very impressed with how the new facility is coming along. It's an extraordinary improvement on our current facilities in every way. Despite my sentimental appreciation of our decades-long home, and the pleasure of being on Pasadena City College's beautiful campus, I can't wait to get into the new building. The Forum that's under construction for live, in-person, audiences is wonderful. I'm particularly grateful to those of you who've financially supported this project. I have no doubt you'll be very pleased with your investment.