Larry Mantle |

The President's Afghanistan Plan & The Death of Sportswriter Mike Penner

This morning on "AirTalk," we talked with listeners about what they'd do about Afghanistan if they were President Obama. Most of the calls argued for an American withdrawal, but several made it clear they thought leaving in the near future would be a bad move. Tomorrow, we'll preview the President's speech, which will air live on KPCC at 5:00 p.m.

Also this morning, we talked about the death of L. A. Times sportswriter Mike Penner/Christine Daniels. I particularly enjoyed his coverage of the Angels when he was the Times' beat writer for the team. Penner's Times colleague, Ross Newhan, has written a nice remembrance on the paper's website. In this morning's conversation it was interesting to hear from transgender listeners with widely varying experiences about coming out and publically identifying as a different gender. For some, it seemed to go comparatively smoothly, others faced big challenges. I thought our guests did a good job of describing what people face when making such a public change, even if they've privately identified with the other gender their whole lives.