Larry Mantle |

San Fernando Valley Council Race is Heated (by L. A. standards)

Monday morning on "AirTalk," we'll host a pre-election day debate between Los Angeles City Council candidates Christine Essel and Paul Krekorian. I've never lived in Chicago or New York, so I can't compare the vitriol of our local races with theirs. However, by our standards, the Krekorian-Essel race has become red hot. I don't know if this is the last scheduled debate prior to Tuesday's election, but there won't be much time left for another.

Thank heaven for Leslie Caron and her visit in-studio last Friday. She was not only open and charming, but just as tastefully dressed as you'd expect. I'd just watched part of "That's Entertainment" with Kristen and Desmond a few days before, so had fresh in my mind the images of MGM musicals and the lasting art they represent. Ms. Caron looked and carried herself in keeping with her star status. Her visit created as much excitement as I've seen in our KPCC studios in some time.

Last night, our Southern California Public Radio staff celebrated the holidays together at our annual gathering. The team of staff members responsible did a wonderful job of creating just the right atmosphere -- from decorations, to music, to the food and drink. That they did so very frugally was all the more impressive!

The party reminded me again of how fortunate I am to work with the terrific people I do. They're caring, smart, interesting, and dedicated. I hope you have such a great team of co-workers or employees. I learn from my colleagues every day and am so thankful to be in their company.