Larry Mantle |

Creator of Twitter and Tyranny of E-Mail

Twitter creator Jack Dorsey talked with us this morning about the surprising growth of social media and the launch of his new venture, Square. Dorsey is in Paris at the "Le Web - 2009" conference to announce additional details about Square, a pocket-size credit card scanner that attaches to an iPhone. Dorsey sees Square as making it much easier for people to make small-scale purchases, without having to use cash.

Tomorrow morning, we'll look at tech from the opposite perspective. Our guest, John Freeman, is author of "The Tyranny of E-Mail: The Four-Thousand-Year Journey to Your Inbox." Though it's undeniable that email is a huge productivity tool, there's also a significant trade-off. Trivial communication that people used to avoid due to the time commitment of a phone call has now become expected and tolerated. I'd like to hear and read your thoughts on this tomorrow.