Larry Mantle |

Surprise Segment of the Week: KPCC Listeners and Food Stamps

I'm not surprised by the outpouring of listener response we receive to controversial issues. However, the feedback from our food stamp conversation on Thursday has been amazing. We had listeners who are getting food aid, have received it in the past, or are eligible but haven't taken it. Not only was the mix impressive, but the personal stories of what they're dealing with in feeding their families, really hit home. It's one thing to look at statistics of people in financial crisis, it's another to hear what that means in a listener's life. Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing.

Monday morning, we'll talk with "California Report" reporter Rob Schmitz in Copenhagen at the international climate summit, and look at two Obama initiatives where the President's gaining ground. One is his Open Government Initiative, the other is the financial regulation package that just passed the House. Also, we'll talk with Jule Powell, of "Julie and Julia" fame about her new memoir.