Larry Mantle |

James Cameron, Avatar, and company holiday parties gone awry

Writer/director James Cameron was with us this morning to talk about his new movie, "Avatar." Among other things, Cameron's well-known for his all-consuming efforts in getting his films just how he wants them. He had many interesting things to say about how far he and the production team went to get the futuristic alien world of "Avatar" just how he wanted it.

Cameron also straight-forwardly answered my question about his reputation for being obsessive, difficult, and the ultimate filmmaking risk taker. His reputation reminds me of that of some of Hollywood's first generation directors -- men whose personalities were even bigger than the films they made.

Tomorrow on "Film Week on AirTalk," our critics weigh in on "Avatar," as well as the musical "Nine," the comedy "Did You Hear About the Morgans," and the country music-themed, "Crazy Heart," starring Jeff Bridges. It's getting great word-of-mouth for the movie and Bridges' performance.

This morning, we also opened the phones for listeners to share their funniest and/or most horrifying stories from company holiday parties. There were some doozies! If you couldn't join us live, check it out on the stream or podcast.