Larry Mantle |

Tarmac waits may shorten & memories of Ed Sullivan

The U. S. Department of Transportation is cracking down on airlines that hold passengers inside jets on tarmacs and runways. The new regulation, announced today, calls for a three-hour maximum limit on how long passengers can be kept on the ground in a jet.

Tomorrow on "AirTalk," we'll speak with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood about why his agency issued the tighter regulations and what changes he thinks they'll make. We'll also talk with a representative of the Air Transport Association, which speaks for the airlines.

We'll also open up the phone lines for listeners to share their stories of air travel delays and misadventures. That should put us in the spirit of holiday travel...

This morning we talked with writer Gerald Nachman about his new book, "Right Here on Our Stage Tonight: Ed Sullivan's America." It's a great reminder of when we had multi-generational television programs that brought demographic groups together. We won't see the likes of Sullivan again. I leave it to you whether we should mourn the loss of broader appeal entertainment, or celebrate the far wider selection and audience dispersion of today.