Larry Mantle |

The Final "AirTalk" from PCC

This morning marked our final live, local, broadcast from studios at Pasadena City College. For me, this brings to a close 27 years of coming to work here. Beginning tomorrow morning, "AirTalk" and other KPCC programming will originate from the new Mohn Broadcast Center on south Raymond Avenue in Pasadena.

I'd been so busy I hadn't had a chance to think about how I would feel doing our final program from the PCC studios. The excitement of the new facility has also been my primary emotion. Nevertheless, I was a bit blindsided by nostalgia just before going on the air. The reality of the move, and the realization of the thousands of interviews I've done here, started to sink in.

Preparing for each day's "AirTalk" requires so much attention to the subjects at hand that I don't tend to dwell on past programs. However, over these past few days, I've found myself thinking back on how I felt when I started with KPCC, and my excitement over moving into the building that we're now leaving.

I'll miss the community of PCC and being on the campus of one of the state's finest community colleges, but I'm also looking forward to all we'll be able to do in our new home. Very few people in radio get the opportunity to work in the cutting-edge technical environment that we're moving into. I'm thankful to all the contributors who've made this huge upgrade possible.

Thank you for supporting the growth of KPCC. We've been overcrowded and heavily compromised in our production capabilities for some time. Now, we'll have the chance to stretch out and challenge ourselves anew. It's an exciting, and memorable, time.