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KCRW's retiring GM, Ruth Seymour, joins us Tuesday

KCRW's Ruth Seymour is in her final days as General Manager. Tuesday we'll talk with her about how public radio has evolved during her years bringing KCRW from a small, college laboratory station, to prominence across the country. Ruth has also been a controversial figure within public radio, given her decision to operate KCRW as a split-format station that pairs music with long-form news.

Have you been watching any of the Winter Olympics over the weekend? I particularly enjoyed K. D. Lang's performance at the opening ceremonies. It made me think of the nice conversation we had with her just a few months ago at our studios. She's an incredible talent.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but I ended up spending several hours of it sorting through all the books I've collected over the years that we've been broadcasting from Pasadena City College. At our new facility, I don't have an office to display all the great signed books I've collected over the years. I've brought those books home and have had to creatively find a place to store them, as our house isn't big enough to have them out. Though lifting all the boxes has left me a bit sore, it's been nice to have my memories of each book stirred by picking it up and organizing it. The nearly 25 years of hosting "AirTalk" have elapsed so quickly.