Larry Mantle |

Do you care if "they" know where you are?

Wednesday morning on "AirTalk," we'll talk about whether the federal government should have the right, without probable cause, to use cellphone information to track the location of a person. This has become a big issue for civil libertarians, who see it as a potentially serious invasion of privacy. I welcome your reaction.

Also, we'll kickoff our member drive, so that we can raise money to continue providing you with the service of KPCC. I know that member drives can be an endurance contest for all involved, including listeners. Thanks for your support and understanding. On air drives are the only way for us to identify new listeners and to give them a chance to contribute. For those like me, it also gives an extra nudge to renew. This time I'm going to sign up for the automatic sustaining membership so that I don't have to think about renewing.