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Lefty auto critic Dan Neil takes right turn to WSJ

It's safe to say that Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Dan Neil won't be asked to join the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. However, Dan is making the move from the Los Angeles Times to become the Journal's automotive columnist. Dan's not only an amazing expert on cars, he's a truly gifted writer on any topic, whether you agree with his politics or not. Thursday morning on "AirTalk," we'll talk with Dan about his move and about Toyota's enormous challenges.

Also, outgoing Assembly speaker Karen Bass will joins us to talk about her run for the Congressional seat that Diane Watson is leaving for retirement. As you might have heard on "AirTalk," or read elsewhere, the Assembymember contributed campaign funds to the initiative effort to do away with California's new independent redistricting panel. We'll ask her about why she thinks the legislature is better suited for the job.