Larry Mantle |

Will the healthcare summit amount to much?

I was able to watch and listen to some of the Blair House summit before Thursday morning's "AirTalk," and actually enjoyed the experience. Regardless of whether this summit was largely political theater or not, I'd like to see more such debates and public negotiations over big public policy questions.

Of course, this is what we do each day on "AirTalk," but I liked hearing elected representatives hashing out these disagreements directly with each other. I thought there were good points raised by both parties this morning, and some glaring unaddressed holes in their arguments, as well. What did you think of the historic meeting?

Wednesday night our CEO Bill Davis, Program Director Craig Curtis, and I went to a retirement reception for KCRW's Ruth Seymour. It was hosted by the Getty museum and included some very nice words from Warren Olney and Ruth, herself. It's truly the end of an era at 89.9 I wish KCRW's new GM, Jennifer Ferro, the very best as she takes the station forward. I know her selection was very popular within KCRW.