Larry Mantle |

Israel's use of force

Talk about lucky, we had scheduled Israel's Consul General for Los Angeles, Jacob Dayan, and the American Task Force on Palestine's Hussein Ibish to talk about the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to Washington. Though Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with President Obama was cancelled, we were able to keep our segment intact to talk about the controversial Israeli raid on the flotilla off of Gaza.

If you missed the segment, make sure to listen. It was a passionate debate between both men, with our listeners weighing in on opposing sides. These kinds of international incidents often provoke more heat than light. I hope that our conversation helped clarify both sides' actions.

Please comment here about what you think of the incident, and how it should be investigated.

Thanks for your support in getting this week's fiscal year-end drive off to a solid start. We made Tuesday's opening challenge, and I'm optimistic we'll have a great week, thanks to "AirTalk" listeners like you.