Larry Mantle |

Few Californians likely to vote

The sad truth is that low turnout is expected for Tuesday's California Primary. Part of that is historic, with state voters never turning out for primaries in large numbers. However, the particularly low turnout expected Tuesday could also be an indicator of voter frustration.

Californians have watched the legislature and governor fail at balancing the budget, seen hundreds of millions of dollars spent on statewide campaigns, and suffered years of unclear ballot measures that often have the opposite effect of what their authors claim. Perhaps the best question is what's kept 20 to 30 percent of voters engaged enough to show up.

I also wonder whether the anti-incumbent sentiment we hear about elsewhere will play out here. It will probably take until the general election to find that out, but we might get some sense from how well challengers do against incumbents of their own parties.

Regardless, I'll be there at my local pollling place. I get frustrated, but can't imagine giving up my right to weigh in with my choices.

David Lazarus will fill in for me on Tuesday. I'll be at my son's school concert to watch his class perform. I'll talk with you Wednesday morning.