Larry Mantle |

Justice Dept. says it didn't blow Polanski extradition process

However, Swiss authorities released the gifted director Monday morning, citing the American government's unwillingness to provide additional documents relating to the original deal the late presiding judge made with prosecutors back in the '70s.

Monday afternoon I received a statement from DOJ spokeswoman Laura Sweeney, saying, "...we believe the extradition request...was fully supported by the evidence."

Do you think Swiss authorities were looking for a way out with Polanski and made the request for additional information while suspecting that it probably wouldn't be provided? Do you think the L. A. County D.A.'s office made a mistake in not providing the documentation, even if they thought there was no legal requirement for them to do so?

What about Polanski himself? Has justice been served for his crime, or should he spend more time in prison?