Larry Mantle |

Jerry Brown is relishing his battle with the ACLU

On Tuesday morning's "AirTalk," the state Attorney General blasted the ACLU's lawsuit against Prop 69, the measure voters approved that calls for collecting DNA samples from everyone arrested on a felony. The organization claims it's unfair and unconstitutional to take a sample from someone who hasn't been convicted of a crime.

From a political standpoint, this a winner for the Democratic nominee for governor. Given the familial DNA-based arrest of the suspect in the Grim Sleeper serial killings case, Brown knows that there is strong public support for the Initiative being upheld.

Wednesday on "AirTalk," we're hoping to talk with the ACLU for its side of the issue. However, you don't have to wait until then to weigh in. Do you support the current expansion of the state's DNA data base and the its use for famial matching?