Larry Mantle |

We need digital time-outs

Thursday morning on "AirTalk," William Powers talked about his book, "Hamlet's Blackberry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age." Powers looked back at several critical points in world history when breakthroughs offered tremendous human advancement and concerns about the price humanity would pay for the technology.

Powers and his family have taken the unusual, some would say extreme, route of going Internet-free from Friday night to Monday morning. They do this every weekend and say it's had a huge positive effect on their family.

How hard would you find it to do that? Do you do something similar to allow yourself untethered time? Do you find it one of your toughest challenges to balance always on technology with interpersonal relationships and time for creative thinking?

Speaking for myself, I've not done a good job of setting aside tech-free time. I'm hoping Powers' book will inspire me to set aside significant time to think and relate quietly.