Larry Mantle |

"AirTalk" listeners are first in line for "Inception"

On Friday morning's "Film Week on AirTalk," we heard critics Henry Sheehan and Andy Klein debate the pros and cons of Christopher Nolan's new film. Andy was thoroughly impressed with the movie's multiple layers of dreams. Henry thought it a dud.

It was Andy who first got me turned on to Nolan's "Memento," starring Guy Pearce. I love that movie, it's Los Angeles locales, and i's challenging backwards timeframe. I'm also a huge fan of Nolan's "Batman Begins," a real character study of what made Batman who he is.

I was less thrilled with "The Dark Knight." It was too much action and too little character for me. I also wasn't as impressed with Heath Ledger's performance as just about everyone else. I thought he was fine, but that there were far more demanding roles that could've been honored than what Ledger did in playing an insane "Joker."

I was very impressed by how many "AirTalk" listeners attended midnight screenings of "Inception." Our lines were jammed with those who'd stood in line to be first. Most were very happy with "Inception," and glad they'd lost some sleep to see it with Nolan's biggest fans.