Larry Mantle |

eBooks and the old school version can just get along

Amazon announced this week that eBooks are now strongly outselling hardcover editions on its website. Paperbacks still hold the lead, but one wonders for how long.

Thursday morning on "AirTalk," we heard from listeners about whether they're switching to eBooks almost exclusively, or using them primarily in situations where it's more convenient to avoid carrying a physical book.

The funniest comment posted on the "AirTalk" page was in response to my love of the smell of books. The listener wrote, "there's an (iPad) app for that."

The general listener sentiment was that the electronic and physical editions would complement each other, depending on the experience the reader wanted at a particular time. Maybe that's wishful thinking, but I sure hope that's true. I'd hate to see physical books disappear. For many of us, the sensory experiences of hard books provide so many pleasures, that's it hard to imagine giving them up.