Larry Mantle |

"AirTalk" is ready for Thursday's "On the Road" broadcast in Phoenix

I've just checked into my hotel room, after driving across the desert from Los Angeles.  It was a beautiful drive, though it reached 107 degrees. 

Our engineer, Tony Federico, drove out in our KPCC remote van earlier today.  He's already set up our broadcast location in the Arizona State Capitol Museum.  We'll broadcast "AirTalk" from there live tomorrow (Thursday) morning starting at 9:00 a.m.  The earlier start time will give us the chance to focus on Arizona's SB 1070 illegal immigration bill for three hours.  I just found out that Minnesota Public Radio will pick up our 10:00 a.m. hour for its statewide network.

After arriving, I joined Tony in the hotel bar for a beer and he filled me in on what the setup in the museum will be like.  While we were talking, ABC 7's Eyewitness News van pulled into the hotel valet dropoff.  Phoenix is awash with journalists.

While I was looking for our hotel, I came across a reporter and cameraman for the CBS TV affiliate here, KPHO.  The reporter had just finished doing a live standup for his station's evening news.  Reporter Pat McReynolds and I talked for a few minutes and he invited me to call him if I needed any help getting aquainted with Phoenix. Fortunately, I come here often and feel pretty comfortable moving around town.

Meanwhile, our "AirTalk" producers' flight was delayed at Burbank airport.  I'm looking forward to seeing them soon and doing final planning over dinner.  I'll talk with you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.