Larry Mantle |

"AirTalk's" On the Road in Arizona gave us the chance to hear the range of opinions about SB1070

Thursday morning's "AirTalk" On the Road in Phoenix gave us a great chance to talk with the movers and shakers at the center of Arizona's anti-illegal immigration law, on the first day of its partial implementation.

It's great to debate the merits of the law, but just as important to hear the emotions behind both sides.  Given the passions expressed, I don't think we're going to see illegal immigration recede as a national and state issue.

I'm particularly proud of our "AirTalk" producers who worked so hard on making the Arizona broadcast so far   Led by Karen Fritsche, they really did a superb job of bulldogging all our guests and reacting quickly when guests fell through at the last minute.  They are an amazingly dedicated, creative, and resilient team.

The producers will be heading to the airport soon.  Engineer Tony Federico and I are driving back to Southern California this afternoon.  I look forward to talking with you Friday morning at 10:00 a.m.