Larry Mantle |

Judge Walker smacked down the defendants' court presentation in Propostion 8 trial

I've read portions of U. S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional, violating two clauses of the document.  I'm most struck by how thoroughly he criticizes the defense put on by supporters of Prop 8.  He dismisses the credibility of the proponents' expert witnesses and finds that the defense's lawyers didn't present evidence to back up several important contentions that they made in opening and closing arguments.

This raises several issues for the appeal to the 9th Circuit Court.  Will proponents of Prop 8 look to beef up the number and quality of their expert witnesses in an attempt to show what they say are societal harms from allowing same-sex couples to marry?  What potential evidence could they present to prove their case that society benefits by keeping marriage for heterosexuals?  Will those arguments, if backed by evidence, be necessary for proponents of Prop 8 to get a reversal?

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