Larry Mantle |

My smartphone's brighter than yours

It seems the ubiquitous smartphone is one of the latest sources of user competition.  Of course, tech heads have been sizing up each other's phone hardware for a long time now.  However, it seems critical mass is approaching.  Even the average baby boomer's parent is embracing the phone that can do almost everything.

That's not stopping cases of smartphone envy.  It used to be over whose was smaller.  Now the Droid X's larger screen is so coveted you have to wait to get it.  The full blown iPhone vs. Android war is on, with elder statesman Blackberry occasionally firing off rounds.

Where do you come down in the battle for smartphone supremacy?  If you've not bought a smartphone, but intend to, which platform should you embrace? 

Monday morning on AirTalk we'll take you behind the lines of the smartphone war.