Larry Mantle |

I'm wasting airtime to cover a non-story

That was the claim of several listeners who argued that talking about Michelle Obama's vacation to Spain was unworthy of discussing on Monday morning's program.  The listeners thought there were many more important topics we could have covered.

However, it was clear to me from our listener calls that this was an excellent topic for debate.  We had a mix of perspectives, from those that thought the first lady was being unfairly criticized, to those who thought she used poor judgment in taking the expensive trip abroad while her husband was observing his birthday.

We talk frequently about the symbolism of the First Family, and this was a prime example.  For some, Mrs. Obama's vacation showed a disregard for the struggles of many Americans, and a lack of concern for the country's ailing tourist industry.  For others, this was the example of successful, serious, woman who was taking the time to join friends on a trip that was on her terms, not her husband's.  They applaud her independence.

To me, the best topics are the ones where you can see the grounding of opinions on both sides.  I absolutely understand why some folks are upset by the trip and others think it was just fine.  These debates also reveal our world views and what we expect from our leaders.  I look forward to more.