Larry Mantle |

The President's trip to L. A. goes south

We’ve had a huge listener response to President Obama’s fundraising visit to Los Angeles.  There’s nothing like a three-hour unexpected delay in getting home for raising driver ire.

I found it remarkable that so many listeners thought it was no big thing.  Had I been caught in the unannounced closures, and delayed for hours, I sure would have been angry.  It’s also one thing to be delayed so that the President can make an important public appearance – quite another for a fundraiser.

What I don’t understand is why this Presidential visit went so much worse than previous ones.  Mr. Obama, and previous presidents, have been here many times without traffic having been shut down so widely and for such an extended period.  Perhaps they should book the president's hotel and future fundraising events closer together. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a comment from the LAPD or the Secret Service.  It’s understandable that they’re trying to keep their security protocols as private as possible.  However, I’m sure those stuck in traffic for several hours would appreciate an explanation for what went wrong.