Larry Mantle |

I quickly waved my hands to keep our guest from using even more colorful language, but...

In 25 years of hosting AirTalk, you would think I would’ve heard it all from guests.  However, it’s good to know we can still break new ground.

Such was the case with our guest, Gail Dines, author of Pornland:  How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality.  She raised several health concerns for women in porn, including “prolapsed anuses.”  That certainly sounded serious to me and, after looking it up, I’m convinced it is.  Nevertheless, I expect we’ll go at least another 25 years without that condition being mentioned on air.

As for her contention that the most popular and profitable forms of porn are consistently racist and abusive toward women, our other guest, Cal State Long Beach professor Shira Tarrant, didn’t agree. 

What was particularly interesting was reading the range of listener comments about what they think of pornography.  I certainly agree with professor Dines that it’s distressing that the typical age for a boy’s first exposure to hardcore porn is eleven.  I suspect, given how new that exposure is, that we don’t yet know if there will be negative effects on those kids.

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