Larry Mantle |

"AirTalk" debates Proposition 23

The polls I’ve seen indicate it’s a dead heat on Prop 23.  California voters are just starting to pay attention to the initiatives, but this one is particularly challenging.  In trying to suspend implementation of the state’s greenhouse gas emission act (SB 32), this calls on voters to be aware of the original bill as well as the current initiative. 

The arguments in favor of prop 23 include that SB 32 will lead to dramatic increases in energy costs for consumers and employers.  Proponents say that will lead to layoffs and dramatically stall California’s ability to exit the recession.  They also argue that reductions in emissions will occur without the sweeping mandates of SB 32.

Opponents of 23 argue that jobs will actually be created by SB 32, as alternative energy technologies grow.  They also say the costs of energy production won’t dramatically increase in the short run, and will decrease longer term.  Opponents further point out that the funding for prop 23 comes from out of state oil companies.

Let me know what you think.